Interest Rates

Posted Rate Term Our Rates
6.00% 5 YR VARIABLE CLOSED 5.00%
6.39% 5 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.39%
6.54% 1 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.54%
5.99% 2 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.54%
5.99% 3 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.59%
5.89% 4 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.44%
5.89% 7 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 5.29%
6.50% 10 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 6.00%

*rates are subject to change without notice

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How to Begin Financing Your Home

Whether you are interested in financing your first home, a vacation home or an investment property, you need a mortgage broker that can provide guidance and helpful advice.

The following are a few guidelines of how to ensure a smooth purchasing process:

1. Get your finances in order – When you are ready to purchase a house, you should know exactly what your credit reports say about your financial history before you apply for a mortgage. Speak to your mortgage broker about your financial state and how to obtain the best interest rates for a mortgage.

2. Get a pre-approval for a mortgage – Your mortgage broker can help you get a pre-approval using online mortgage calculators and analyzing your financial history. It determines what is the maximum amount that you are capable of investing. It is also important to verify that you get the best interest rates on your pre-approval. I can help you get a per-approval as soon as possible, so you don't have to worry about anything else and focus on finding your dream home.

3. Search for a home according to your needs and wants – Before searching for homes, make a list of what you want and need in a home. When you go house hunting, this list will help you to focus on the key factors that is most important to you.

4. Home inspections and other tests – When you have settled on a home you like, make sure you talk to your mortgage broker and real estate agent about home inspection exams that are necessary, such as checking for radon gas, mold and mildew, and lead paint disclosures.

5. Avoid last minute problems – Congratulations! You found your dream home and your offer has been accepted. You are on your way to financing your new home, but remember to consult with your mortgage broker as the closing date nears. Discuss any additional details that you may have overlooked, including verifying that you're getting the best interest rates. I will alert you with any rate changes, so it'll save you money.

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