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Interest Rates

Posted Rate Term Our Rates
2.15% 5 YR VARIABLE CLOSED 1.65%
2.49% 5 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.84%
2.95% 5 YEAR HELOC 2.45%
2.89% 1 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
3.24% 2 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
3.75% 3 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 1.99%
1.99% 4 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 4.29%
5.40% 7 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 2.19%
5.80% 10 YEAR FIXED CLOSED 2.64%

*rates are subject to change without notice

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Welcome to Hypotheca

My relationship with you is more important than just a good rate and a simple transaction.

Are you buying a home? Do you need to refinance because your interest rate is too high? Do you need to consolidate debts or transfer your mortgage? Do you know someone that is? For standard residential mortgages, my services to you are FREE OF CHARGE!

5 year rates are now below 4% but they can change any day. Contact me before it is too late for details!! Keep in mind that I pay $300 for any referrals sent to me as a way of showing my appreciation!!

Buying your first home? Questions?

Jason Zuckerman - Buying your first home?

* Important Note: If you own a home and have a mortgage, please contact me. I may be able to save you THOUSANDS of dollars by getting a new mortgage with me. Interest rates are low enough where it may be worth re-mortgaging your home.

Buying your first home is often one of the first major purchases you will encounter as an individual or young couple.

The first step before buying a home is to verify how much home you can afford. Allow a mortgage professional like myself to pre-approve you. A pre-approval allows me to verify that you have adequate credit history as well as calculate how much home you can afford. This will help keep expectations in check so you avoid the disappointment of thinking you can buy a house that is in fact out of your price range. At that point, your real estate agent will do their search to find a home that will best suit your needs.

When you are buying your first home, the first hurdle is finding an adequate down payment. Though you can borrow the 5% minimum down payment from lenders, I recommend putting the equity down from your own resources since it lowers the rate you will pay throughout the term. If you are hard-pressed to find the 5% to put down on the property, you can have the amount gifted to you by a close family member or even have it taken from a credit line.

You have found your new home!! Congratulations!! Usually an offer to purchase is conditional on 2 things. First, passing an inspection. I cannot underestimate the importance of using a qualified home inspector. A minimal cost now could cost you thousands of dollars more in heartache because you didn't find a defect that should have been caught. Secondly, you need to be approved for financing. That is where my job comes in. Once I have assessed your credit situation, I complete your application including your personal, employment, property, and mortgage details and then submit the lender. Within a few days you should receive an approval from the lender!

Stay tuned for next months article where I explain the last few steps of the mortgage process including details on appraisals, closing costs, and other costs associated with your mortgage.

Happy Holidays from Jason Zuckerman

Jason Zuckerman - Happy Holidays

Everyone is always stressed and in a rush during the holiday season buying gifts and organizing holiday parties...whether it be for work or at home. Try and take it easy...this is typically one time of year when you should kick back, relax, and enjoy your family, friends, and the people important to you. I know it is easier said than done but a lot of times we get upset at the little things and take for granted all the special people and things we have in our life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all.


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Jason Zuckerman

Jason Zuckerman

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